Near & Far: Collaborative Art Project is an art collective on Cape Cod.


This is a gathering place for creative community, conversation, and collaboration.


​This is a safe place for people and art.

This is a place for all, all genders, and every body. 

This is an art project.

This is an inclusive project.

This is a compassionate project.


This is a project for opening and making.

This is an intentional, thoughtful project, a project that is both

introspective and celebratory,

rich and emotional,

abstract and churning.


This is a project for peaceful creativity,

for radical questioning,

for beauty,

for stories,

for connecting,

for dreaming.


Near & Far is an experiment of cultivation and evolution.

It is our project to give to you.



Our intention is to support professional + community art making on Cape Cod by commissioning collaborative new works by local and guest artists.


Our intention is to produce events, performances, and gallery shows to share work to the community.

By bringing guests from afar to collaborate and share their work with us, we can celebrate the diversity of artistic voices, learn from each other, and give context to appreciate the work around us.

Near and Far: Collaborative Art Project supports access to the arts through community, artistry, and events.




Our intention is to offer many ways to engage with art in our community. Our programming creates inclusive spaces so we can all deepen our appreciation of and connection to the arts.​​​​

Learning and giving.



There is so much to learn from those from afar, while also celebrating what we have near to us. At some point, we must leave the nest for inspiration, nourishment and experience, but sometimes what we need is right here. Many of us were taught to venture to the far away reaches, the exotic “far away,” in order to become better artists.  But what if your dreams are actually here? Right under your feet? What if we bring our dreams here to show you?



Our contemporary lives are lived more and more on screens - reflecting on the past, planning for the future. We are reaching for perfection - a better version of ourselves - for our dreams.  Achieving our dreams are often seen as a distant future, but what about the present? Let's share what we have now.


We want to share the work of artists that are leaving and coming home. Professionals, returning with incredible skill and insight, realizing that the power of returning is finding the value in what you have and what you always had.



People come in and out of our lives. Proximity does not always matter. Sometimes people right next to you can feel so far away, while your very best friend could live across the world and each phone call feels so close. Art can bring us closer together in these seemingly paradoxical ways.  


By engaging these two forces . . . We explore every aspect of this closeness and distance. By creating a space that celebrates what we have near us, while also sprinkling the exotic far away influences of our work.

Looking Forward...

Since 2014, Near & Far has been developing as a pop-up project. Now, we are developing into a more long-term entity. How do we want to grow? 

We have some plans in the works . . .

  • Fiscal Sponsorship: Becoming a fiscally sponsored as a not-for-profit company.

  • Performance Events: Producing a yearly main event in different community centers.

  • Community-Building Events: Potlucks, Workshops, and Jams for artists to build community.

  • Accessibility: Having our classes and performances accessible to all, financially and physically.

  • Compensation: Paying artists for their work at our events and programming. 

  • Artists in Residence: Starting an "Artists in Residence" program through Near & Far, to bring guest artists to collaborate with Cape-based artists. 

  • Internships: Starting a summer internship program for students.

If you are interested in becoming involved, please contact us!

© 2019 by Near & Far: CAP

Photo Credits: Augusta Rose Photography

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